Crossfit Logging Done Right.

We've built a simple, powerful platform to track and analyze your Crossfit workouts. We understand the workouts you do and make it simple to store and utilize your results. The best part is, it works with any device.

Logging Made Easy

Crossfit is hard...keeping track of your progress shouldn't be after a tough workout. We make it simple.

Analyze Growth

Track your 'Fran' improvements over time or see your hot and cold spots to help aid in development.

Access Anywhere

Crossfit happens everywhere. We provide a consistent experience wherever you are, whatever platform you are using.


We'll do the heavy lifting online, you do it at the gym.

Sync with your gym

Link your profile with your gym to maximize your experience. See how you par up with your peers, receive advice from your trainers to help you reach your peak performance, and create your personal digital whiteboard.